14 March 2009

Where's the plan?

Alas, no signs of our draft plan yet. Our rep at Masterton did say it may take around 4 weeks, and it's been... well, only 3 weeks, but we're getting impatient! The house behind us has, in the last month, been demolished, slabs poured and in the last week had frames and windows up. It's all very exciting... I feel like I'm living the building experience through them vicariously. :) Now, if only we could get started on our own home!

We did hear back about the oven though. The Omega oven we were quoted in our Tender for $2200 was apparently wrong, and in fact costs closer to $2800. Which is odd, because I've been shopping around and it's $1999 at the Good Guys in Bankstown right now. In any case, apparently Masterton are ending their partnership with Omega/Smeg so they can no longer supply that oven at all. They are now working with AEG (Electrolux) for the supply of their appliances. The only problem is that AEG do not make, suprisingly, a 900mm freestanding electric oven with gas hobs. So it looks like we'll have to supply our own oven. I'm not too unhappy about that because then I can get exactly what I want without being constrained by brand, but I'm a little concerned about ensuring that installation is correct, since I"m assuming that we will have to get our own installer. One of the things I hate about our current oven is that there is a very slight gap (probably around no more than 5mm) on either side of our oven when it should be flush against the kitchen cabinetry. I don't even want to contemplate all the gunk and goo that might have fallen in those gaps over the years. And I definitely do not want to have to live with that in our new home. So... we'll see. I'll talk to our rep at Masterton and see what she suggests about installation.

I did also raise the possibility that we'll want the standalone 60cm wall oven installed as well, the one that comes with the New Mansion Package. I haven't heard back about that - although I don't see why we couldn't do it. It's effectively already paid for as part of the package.

Can't wait to see the plans! Ghost and I have been thinking about where we want the extra powerpoints and light fittings so hopefully we won't have to stuff around with the plans for too long before we can finalise them and get them to council. And then beigins the longest wait!

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