24 February 2009

Bits and bobs.

We're waiting patiently for our plans to be prepared for our review. We're trying to work out how much backyard we're going to have as having a largish yard was the main reason we decided to build instead of buy.

Our kitchen is already giving us problems. We had decided to upgrade the standard 60cm cooktop and oven to a 90cm version. After toing and froing a bit, we agreed on an Omega freestanding oven. We were initially quoted around $2200 but now that the plans are being drawn up and the assessors are reviewing our tender, we've been advised that the assessors don't agree with that valuation.

We're waiting to hear what the outcome is. Our sales consultant is fantastic so I expect she'll fight for us, and we have the email evidence of the amount she quotes us. But we'll see what happens.

I'm seriously thinking about leaving the standard 60cm oven in (minus the cooktop) as well as getting the 90cm freestanding. My husband thinks that's overkill, but I figure, we've already paid for the standard oven in our package so it's just going to go to waste anyway. And I have visions of all the baking I'm going to do every single weekend! Ummm... yeah. We'll see.

We've also received a couple of quotes for demolition. So far they range from $9,500 to $11,000. This includes removal of all trees and stumps, all structures, and getting all the necessary permits. It's weird to think that demolition is still almost six months away. I kind of imagined that once we paid our deposit things would start moving quickly. Well, they may be well but it's all in the background. It will be a month before we even see the draft plans and then at least another four months, possibly (probably?) more going through council before they even lay a peg in the ground. Getting impatient now...

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