21 March 2009


Today's useful tip: Ask the brick suppliers for addresses of houses built using their bricks.

I can't remember where we learned this tip, but I cannot understate its usefulness. Lizzy and I went to a Boral reseller today and had a look at their display wall. We'd just about agreed on the bricks to use as the main and the contrast colour, and so we thought we'd drive around to see what they looked like on the finished product. It makes a huge difference. The main colour we'd chosen looked hideous (to us), and the contrast colour turned out to be a good candidate for the main colour. Go figure.

This last part is almost funny. Lizzy and I have been arguing about what colour bricks we want for almost a week now. I like the light-coloured bricks, and she likes the darker colours. As we were driving away from house hideous, we saw another house in the middle of construction, and their bricks were just fabulous. Too bad we don't know what that colour is named, or who makes them...

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  1. hi guys,
    We are so excited for you that your on your way :).
    Path way is excellent and going by that we only have 3 or 4 more squares to be marked off and we will be finished LOL
    keep us updated
    The Browns