21 January 2009

The first tender.

We received a Tender from Masterton. The base price for the Santorini is $229,200. The Tender price quoted was just over $290,000. The additional things included in the Tender are Site Costs (almost $20,000), Council and statutory requirements (around $10,000), Variations (almost $32,000). The variations that we've asked for include the Exectutive Facade, which will give us a slightly larger upstairs loung but more importantly, a balcony. This alone adds almost $21,000 to the cost. Then there are a few bits and pieces like repositioning windows and doors, increasing the size of the ensuite shower, etc. Also included is the Masterton package which for around $4,000 gives us upgrades throughout the house worth around $30,000.

Things NOT included in the Tender and for which we need to organise our own quotes and work are:
  • Flooring throughout the house, including carpet and/or tiles (except for tiles in the wet areas, which are included in the tender);
  • Window coverings;
  • Landscaping and Turf;
  • Driveway concreting;
  • Perimiter fencing (our current fence is falling down so this will need to be replaced);
  • Ducted air conditioning (current estimate is around $13,000 but may change once the plans are finalised);
  • Extra power points (the current tender allows for one set of double power points per room);
  • Light fittings (only a standard batton light fixture is included per room);
  • Window dressings (curtains, blinds, etc).

We'll probably discover a few other things along the way too.

Also not included is actual demolition of the old house. We have a quote for $11,000 for this from a company recommended by Masterton. We have no idea if this is reasonable or not so we're trying to get a couple of others to see how we're placed.

Based on our very basic estimates, we're probably looking at another $100,000 for all the additional items. So basically, if we can get the whole thing done and can move in at around $400,000, we'll count ourselves lucky!

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